Title Page

I-Beam Books is an independent publishing house publishing books printed on paper, just like they used to be before e-books existed. 

Poetry is our first love, and the Y-Knot Poetry Series has been established to publish books of poetry that should have been published long ago.

We’re fond of fiction, too, don’t get us wrong, particularly the more avant-garde stuff. The Y-Knot Fiction Series handles destined-to-be-classic collections of short stories. And if we discover any novels that need to be preserved on paper, we’ll publish those, as well.

Our books are now sold online here on this site. Just look for the handy “Add to Cart” buttons beneath each book’s description. Occasionally, brick-and-mortar sites will also be listed. If you can, please patronize those stores before using the online option.

We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time. Thus we cannot guarantee the response, return, or respectful handling of submissions sent by people who either did not read or consider this statement.